Flavor Comes First!
Welcome to Kid's Choice Watermelons. We believe that nothing is more important than giving a child the best watermelons available. 

The dedicated buyers, growers, and distributors of Kid's Choice Watermelons have committed themselves to providing your children with the sweetest, most nutritious watermelons avaliable.

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Flavor is the key to repeat sales. If your customer buys a delicious, sweet watermelon, they will return for more and tell their friends. However, if they buy a bad watermelon, you've lost them for the season. That is why Kid's Choice harvests their watermelons at the proper time for peak flavor.

Kid's Choice Watermelons is the promotional Brand of Kid's Choice Fresh Produce, Inc., a Florida based corporation, that specializes in watermelon distribution. We are a growing company that has found a need for superior quality and expediated delivery service. Our melons go from the farm to your stores in 24 to 48 hours. That enables you to have the freshest watermelon avaliable. So, if quality and freshness are a priority to your watermelon program, contact us with the link below or on the contact page.

Who Are We
We are dedicated to the distribution of the finest watermelons in America. All our watermelons  are inspected prior to shipping for quality, appearance, maturity, and most importantly flavor. That way, you, as a customer, won't have any surprises when your order arrives. You can buy with confidence. So look around. Enjoy the sight.
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Kid's Choice New High Graphic Bins
Our new high graphic bin generates excitement in your produce department. We have spent months developing a   bin that would promote our label and create an exciting display for our superior watermelons. High graphics and vibrant colors attract customers to the bin. Kid's choice bins stand out over inferior, boring, generic, brown bins or two color white bins that do nothing to promote a great summer time fruit like watermelon. If you want superior watermelons packed in the best new high graphic bin on the market contact us and we will deliver you the best watermelons avaliable.